Andromeda or M31 is the name of the Galaxy 2.5 million light years away from Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy. It is one of the main catalysts for rewriting the entire laws of the Prime Universe (and several other Multiverses) and causing the great rift in time in space.

History in the Geneforce Universe

Andromeda was once a largely impossible-to-explore galaxy, much like the Conger Galaxy is now. Four million years into the future, however, it had collided with the Milky Way Galaxy, creating the Mosaic Galaxy.

This collision helped strengthen the power magical ley lines due to the sheer amount of energy that was emitted from the combined power of the spirals' black holes. After the Shatterstone came and tore open the supermassive black hole, revealing the gateway to the Astral Plane, the Mosaic Galaxy was instantly invaded by magical energy that altered the entirety of the universe.

Since then, the Andromeda Galaxy now is a permanent part of the Mosaic Elliptical Galaxy, along with all its residents and astronomical bodies.


  • Andromeda Galaxy was involved in Geneforce in order to expand the galaxy itself and make it more diverse.
    • It also helped explain why magic was a thing.
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