The Milky Way Galaxy is a Barred Spiral Galaxy within the known Universe. Approximately 13.2 billion years old, this Galaxy is home to several major Solar Systems within the Geneforce continuity.

The Milky Way also exists in the real world and is the sponsoring Galaxy of our Solar System and Planet Earth.


The Milky Way is speculated to have been created shortly after the Big Bang, as there are stars found within the body older than the Galaxy itself (at 13.6+ billion years old).

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Systems Within The Milky Way

Rei Primak Shitekste

Also known as "Tropican System", Rei Primak Shitekste houses Rocky Terrestrial and Gas Giants types of planets. While Tropic is the flagship world for the eight planet system, both Mobius and Zeneadon are powerhouses of their own. Until a unity treaty between Tropic and Mobius was formed, all three battled for the highest power in the system.

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