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What is Geneforce? What's "New" about it?

The Geneforce Website is a forum-based place on the internet where a group of friends came together and created a haven/hell of sorts for Roleplays (RPGs), Games, Artwork, Stories and idle chatter.  The first website was created by user currently self-titled as Fucker Fuckinstein, on Freedom's Otaku Overload (a wetpaint website; original link is dead). This encouraged user Genesis to craft the first forum-based site: Geneforce (www.geneforce.aforumfree.com/forum ). Upon the fall of Okaku Overload, Geneforce flourished for a short time (2 years). After lack of interest and failed projects, the website fell in late 2009. The second Geneforce page (www.freewebs.com/geneforce.html ; link is also dead) also plummeted in activity horrendously the following year. Things weren't looking good for those who still wanted to connect online.

Finally, on February 3rd, 2011, NewGeneforce was created as the third and most current rebirth of the classic website with pages and pages of RPGs, artwork, and a full set of members that had been loyal since the wetpaint website and newcomers who wanted in.  Founder Admin Genesis retains his "Almightiness" after 3+ years of continuously trying to boost the site's activity, even promoting [Otaku Overload] veteran RKRobot to Hero Admin (who later promoted Princess Admin Luna and Moderator Phirania to help during the Founder's absence). Currently, the site suffers from a slump in inactivity, but is slowly being rebuilt by the latter two Admins with the Founder's 'approval'.  Admins and few members hope for the site's success, but few are skeptical and fear for the worst.

Will you join the New Geneforce and help make the site better?  Head over to the Forums now for your suggestions, ideas and inspiration! ---->>>

...Oh, that wasn't what you wanted to know?  The actual term "Geneforce (the Team) " can be found here, on the Wiki!

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