Planets are large bodies of gas, liquid, rock and metal most often created by collisions of other large spacial bodies (asteroids, comets, chunks of stars, etc.) and in the case of the Geneforce Universe, house life.  Planets within Geneforce continuity are often referred to as "home world" because nearly every member of the team is from another planet.  The Rocky Terrestrial Planet is the most common type to withold life.

Planets also have their own atmospheric contents (as Earth does oxygen, nitrogen, etc.), gravitational pull, natural satelites (moons and rings, though these are optional), a set number of stars to which it orbits (singular or binary, for example) and cores.  Active cores often result in the creation of tectonic plates, and inactive cores create dead planets.  Dead planets do not often contain life, as they do not support the ability to create magnetic shields or ozones to protect the life they would have on their surface.  The only way a dead planet can have life is through an externally established colony system.

Not all planets have the same mass or atmospheric content, but somehow many of the Geneforce can survive on others' planets without the aid of technology supplying them with their home's own air variation; this either leads to the theory that the Geneforce and friends/enemies all come from planets with similar enough atmospheres for them not to require external supplies.  Another theory is that they simply use "magical means" or robotics to enhance their chances of survival on other worlds.

When making your planets, please be sure to take note of not only living aspects of the location, but physical attributes that make your world unique.

In this section, all planets will be listed in numerical order (orbit #) by the Solar Systems they reside in.

Planets Within Rei Primak Shitekste
Sandrugar - (Dead World) - Tropic - Mobius - Zeneadon - Desirahii - Amphinia - Sectarask
Planets Within ...
Conger Fee - - - - -
Planets Within The Kepler System
Halow - Iquati - Akaban - Lethe - Anount
Planets Within The Medusa System
Iciaura - Kokugen - Salamar - Hanwind - - -
Planets Within The Ley Line System
X-17 (Roger) - ???
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