Roqueta "Rocky the Robot" Kaos
Rocky Kaos is a Tropican Human with an internal mechanism built for longevity and battle.
Vital statistics
Title Roqueta "Rocky the Robot" Kaos
Race Tropican Human
Birthday 5th of Nenemi, 4902
Gender Female
Age 15
Height 5'9"
Weight 200 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Gray Residence Government
Occupation Unknown
Team Geneforce (Honorary Member
Partner Tori Kaos
Base of Operations House of Tropic
Personal Status
Relatives Tori Kaos (sister)

Johnek Kaos (father) Cairoule Kaos (mother) Wrathias Kaos (son) Kane the Komodo Dragon (honorary) Shadow the Hedgehog (husband) Roqueta Ikari Kaos (granddaughter)

Relationship Married (at 22)
Education Elementary (1 year of public schooling)
Primary Geokinesis
Secondary Metal/Mechanical Endoskeleton
Passive Martial Arts
First Appearance
Storyline Sonic Dreams (2003)

Chemical Chaos (2006)

Roleplay Tournament of a Lifetime (2008)
Roqueta Kaos, under the alias Rocky the Robot, is a humanoid Tropican superhero born with a fatal illness, but surpassed her expiration date with the help of robotics.

Concept and Creation Edit

In the real world, Rocky was created in 2003 on the whim of Rocky K., an aspiring artist attempting a self-insert character for the first time. After more than a decade of trying to perfect the character, Rocky Kaos had evolved from villainous and powerful counterpart to her sibling, to anti-hero with a barrage of weapons and a death streak of 3, to a full hero with little to no weapons and a much more solidified personality.

Rocky had a total of 2 design changes before settling down with the modified second outfit. The first one was a gray jacket and pants with a red shirt, and the first introduction to the 'clown shoes' (a permanent joke lovingly added by the creator to keep her design strange). The second outfit was a sparkling blue long sleeve dress, accompanied with white gloves and the clown shoes. This was also the first time Rocky was known to be in thicker in body type, as opposed to skinny. This was also the last time Rocky would wear a green haired beret that would act as a holding portal to carry all of her vehicles, weapons and utilities. Throughout her designs, however, Rocky's long brown hair and dark eyes would always remain consistent.

To this day, Rocky Kaos remains imperfect, but continues to grow as a character despite all the changes.

Capabilities and Powers Edit

Without her special powers and using too much of her mechanical body, Rocky does have some fighting skill and has practiced with few weapons. She personally favors blades and close combat for fighting, along with areas to hide and take cover when necessary (i.e., forests, mountains, inside large buildings with multiple rooms, etc.). Her best offense is her killer defense, and she can break bones with a fully loaded punch. Her one true weakness is speedy combat, but close seconds are wide open combat styles (accompanied with long range weaponry) and water-based fighting, as she cannot swim due to her new body.

Similar to Wrath, Rocky can burn off her skin.  While she does not like to, this only occurs when she initiates either super forms, making it easy to avoid.  Unlike her son, however, Rocky can regrow her skin, as per her programming.  With a special chip inserted into her belt buckle, Rocky can activate a regrowth process that lasts 12 hours, hiding her exposed metal being completely.  Once the "skin" (made of artifical "flesh fabric") stretches back over her body, she resumes normalcy.  The older she gets, however, her metallic interior can be seen more clearly; this is due to the fact that the chip is running dry as a printer does with ink.  Rocky cannot get another, seeing as Crackus and Ikari are the only two that knew how to make these chips.

Rocky's Serious stage is almost always activated during battles involving powerful foes or multiple opponents.

Geokinesis Edit

Geokinesis is the fusion of the two words Geo (meaning earth) and Kinesis (meaning motion) and it is a mental and physical process that is not a variation of magic, but a form of exercising raw or controlled energy.  This requires plenty of Life Force Energy and knowledge.  Rocky must know the material she is working with, and how much LFE the material is known to commonly have.  Currently, she knows a lot of the minerals, stones and dirt variations on Tropic, but is not familiar with everything in the Universe.  Likewise, she also knows how to control plants and vegetation through similar processes. Edit

Geokinetic energy is released through the series of movements that Rocky had learned, created herself and memorized.  With the final movement in the sequence completed, that part of the ground or the plant that she aimed to control shoots towards her target or becomes part of a protective wall.  Geokinesis is offensive (long range or short) and defensive and does take a lot of energy to use.  Rockys immense well of Chemical Chaos flowing through her bloodstream allows her to use this energy-sapping kinesis for hours upon hours until she collapses from overheating or exhaustion.  The longest time she has spent using this power was ~12 hours, nonconsecutively. Edit

Rockys Geokinetic range stretches around 360º and 25 feet in diameter, allowing her to control anything within that area as long as she knows the material it is and how to use it. Edit

Known Attacks Edit

  • Geo Kick - basic; a large boulder is ripped up from the ground and used to hit an opponent.
  • Geo Punch - basic; a large boulder is ripped up from the ground and used to hit an opponent.
  • Geo Slam - basic; two large boulders are used to sandwich the opponent and crush them.
  • Geo Bullets - basic; stone and dirt pebbles are rapid fired at opponents, stinging and cutting them.
  • Geo Shield - intermediate; stone, dirt or plants are used to construct a thick protective wall around those within range.
  • Geo Summon - difficult; Rocky creates a custom creature out of dirt, stone or vegetation to help her defeat opponents.  This does not last long and often takes more energy than its worth.  It is often used as an ending move.
  • Geo Blades - intermediate; ripping stone and dirt straight from the ground in the shape of a sword or lance suffices for melee combat.
  • Geo Wave - difficult; whether she is riding the wave or just pushing it forward, Rocky can slide ice-berg sized chunks of earth towards her opponents to engulf them in an earthy grave.  Another move that doesnt last long, but is usually a finisher.
  • Geo Tower - difficult; this typically helps Rocky reach higher places quickly, since she cannot jump or climb well at all.  She will also use this to catapult opponents into the air, going as high as buildings in order to trap them (since most who fall from that height will be guaranteed injured) while she thinks of how to finish them off.  If she preforms this indoors, the opponent can and likely will be crushed against the ceiling.
  • Geo Trap/Root Trap - intermediate; also works with sand, sometimes.  Rocky can trap up to five enemies at a time in the ground with this move, keeping them there until they break out on their own or she boots them out by force.
  • Bush Cushion - intermediate; as a safety-net move, Rocky can produce a bed of fluffy flowers and leaves to protect herself and allies from falling to their death.  The initial collision could hurt depending on the height of the fall and the air resistance experienced, but its better than hitting solid ground.  She must be either touching or 25 ft from the ground to use this, and call upon the fluffiest plants around the area.
  • Super Grow - basic; as long as she knows the species shes helping grow, Rocky can speed up a vegetations growth process from seed to full bloom in a matter of minutes.  Her limit is up to 6 different plants per day.
  • Thorn Bullets - intermediate; if the plant has thorns, Rocky can kinetically rip off and regrow the plants protective spikes as many times as she needs to either poison or slice up opponents.  
  • Vine Slash - basic; as long as she knows the plant, Rocky can control up to 8 large vines borrowed from the vegetation to whip around, hold, carry or constrict enemies.
  • Safety Purify - difficult; its the most challenging thing to pull off, but Rocky can use her Geokinesis to purify fruits, nuts, flowers, sap and pollen from various species of vegetation.  This requires maximum concentration, heat, light and very clean water.  It can also only be done once per day, making it harder to chose if it will be worth it or not.  She also has to know the species that which the product came from.
  • Emission Attack - like the other members of the Geneforce, Rocky has a powerful Emission Move that acts as a last ditch effort and is the most difficult to pull of.  Despite only requiring a single motion (a single jump/stomp), this attack requires Rocky to tap into her LFE, and potentially burning off parts of her hair and flesh with the amount of power she releases.  The attack is a destructive 6.0 earthquake that can rip apart terrain up to 100 ft around her.  This attack is the most dangerous to pull off because not only does she have to be on the ground and in the middle of the wreckage for it to work, but the ground cannot be hollow or she will likely fall through and severely injure herself.

Endoskeleton Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

Strengths Edit

  • Rocky can now take hits better, suffer less broken bones and incredible injuries with this tougher interior.
  • Rocky has superhuman strength.  She can lift/push up to 4 times her bodyweight.
  • Rocky is faster.  Having robotic legs boosted her speeds up to 50 mph, maximum, the average speed of a car.  However, compared to others, (especially to the rest of Geneforce, her sister, son and husband) she is a below average runner.
  • Rocky has a greater tolerance for unbreathable atmospheres, but only has about 10 extra minutes before absolutely requiring a gas mask of some kind.
  • Rocky has enhanced senses.
    • With enhanced touch, Rocky can feel various textures through her gloves, making her still able to use her Geokinetics.
    • With enhanced taste, Rocky can tell if something is in need of purification or if something is poisonous without getting poisoned herself.  She still can’t eat it.
    • With enhanced smell, Rocky can detect the smell of smoke and fire, the ocean salt water, fruit from a tree and other various scents of nature.  Anything artificial she has trouble telling the difference between.
    • With enhanced hearing, Rocky can pick up far off sounds and faint noises as if she were wearing a hearing aid.
    • With enhanced sight, Rocky can see more detail up close and far away and similar to a telescope, she can zoom in and out without moving forward, but not quite as far as the eyepiece can.
  • Rocky’s blood cannot be controlled due to the heavy amount of Chemical Chaos that blocks access to the stream.
    • Her mind cannot also be controlled, but she can be hacked.
  • Rocky also has a phone on her at all times, built directly into her ears; only certain people have access to this form of calling her; otherwise, she needs to use a real phone.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Rocky is now 90% more vulnerable to water and liquid in general.  She cannot swim, dive, hold her breath, or keep any more than her knees from touching water for more than 2 minutes.  Otherwise, her system will require immediate mechanical attention.
    • This also means Rocky cannot shower or bathe, but uses steam and mist for hygienic purposes.
    • Her hair is fine to get wet, as long as its not the roots.
    • Rocky can still drink, as the consumable liquid can easily pass through her throat without making contact with any of the robotics.
  • Rocky’s nervous system is completely rigged to her metallic endoskeleton, and the more stress she undergoes on a daily basis, the easier it will be for her body to lock up for a solid minute before allowing her to return to normal function.
    • This kind of this also includes locking of the joints (knees and elbows), making it especially difficult to perform Geokinetic movesets in battle.
    • If repeated locking occurs in succession, Rocky could suffer a heart attack or just be knocked unconscious while her internal system begins repairing itself.
  • Rocky's skin has been almost entirely reconstructed as artificial, for when she activates her higher states of power, it burns off. It can still hurt her, but "breaking the skin" no longer does anything major and bleeding stops immediately as the skin repairs itself.
  • As Rocky ages, the skin being able to repair itself and regrow becomes harder to do (similar to a printer running out of ink). This is the explanation for some of the metal showing through her flesh and the silver tone her skin appears to have when she's in her 30's. It is estimated that she will not have any skin left by the time she is in her 60's.
  • Rocky can melt as well, but it is unknown what her melting point is.

"Chemical Chaos Rocky" Edit

As an Ultra form for Rocky, Chemical Chaos Rocky or "Super Rocky", as it is commonly referred to as, occurs when the robot has saved up most of her energy over the course of 12 hours at a time.  Because of this, she can access this state regularly, but it is not recommended as it wastes twice as much energy for only 30 minutes of usage.

Chemical Chaos Rocky has all the same powers as normal Rocky does, but they are twice as strong and twice as fast.  The major differences, however, include:

  • Rocky can now survive the vaccuum and pressure of outer space, but this can cut her time down by 10 minutes.
  • Rocky is without clothing in this form (and therefore might be embarrased to use it), but the metal that is exposed runs over certain parts of her body that censor these not-normally-exposed areas.  As she gets older and this form is much more known to the public, Rocky has obtained special clothing that covers up more of her body.

"Mecha Rocky" Edit

Metal or Mecha Rocky is a Neo-stage high-powered form of Rocky.  Melting away her fake outer flesh and tissue to expose a silver, black, red, yellow and green suit of evolving metallic armor, Rocky becomes stronger, faster, and gains many new abilities. To engage this stage, Rocky must already be in her Ultra form. Initiating her Neo state too early will cause many internal problems.

  • Faster flight/hovering is now possible with jets in her feet.
  • The massive green gem on her body draws in life energy from surrounding creatures, giving her more time and energy to fight with.
  • Metal fingers are strong enough to slice through steel (but not Tropican Steel).
  • Mecha Rocky can disengage/turn off.  If she has at least a minute to shut herself down, she not only does not feel pain during this time (much like falling asleep at will) but she maintains her Mecha form indefinitely until she wakes up.  She can awaken either from an outside force, or by collecting enough energy that slowly seeps in through the green gem.  
  • Because Mecha Rocky's body can handle the pressures of outer space without hinderances, she has access to a new arsenal of powers if no earthy minerals are around her.
    • Rocket Smash is a move that can easily break bones.  Energy that Rocky collects will surround her arms and legs, and when Rocky punches or kicks next, even if her target is far away, will shoot that build-up of power towards them.  The range of this attack is decently large for a move that can hold a high combo string.
    • Chaos Canon is a move that requires both a loading time of 30 seconds and has a recoil effect, especially if used in succession.  Using the green gem on her body, Rocky uses absorbed life energy that reforms in her hands to shoot at opponents.  This process painfully thrusts life energy into the opponent as a contaminated, high pressurized, energy beam.  The recoil for using this special move is that the gem will refuse to obtain energy for a solid minute of Mecha Rocky's time.  This is often her finishing move.
    • If there are any minerals that she knows in space, however, her range to control them increases by x4.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Even though her speed has increased, Rocky is still relatively slow and bulky in this state.
  • The gem can only function if there are other beings with life energy around; otherwise, Rocky has about 10 minutes in this form.
  • If she is not flying/hovering, walking is incredibly slow paced and difficult to do.
  • Rocky is now 2x weaker to liquids than she was before, her metallic body being exposed without any skin or clothes to protect herself.
    • With her head submerged in liquid, she can only last 30 seconds before halting her functionality.
    • When her full-metal body is submerged in liquid, she can only last 1 minute before halting her functionality.


Rocky's personality has been the subject of change numerous times throughout her history as a character.  The original incarnation was riddled with angst, teenage emotions and too many contradictions for a main character.  This, since, has been fixed a bit more.

Rocky began as a pitiful little girl who had big hopes and dreams, but kept to herself most of the time.  Her passions for nature could only be rivaled by botanists, thanks to her strong connection to the Lifu tree that given her a second chance.  Despite all her love for all living things, not just plants, the wilting she experienced crushed her emotionally, making her fear death and attempt to practice spirituality for comfort.

After her surgery, Kaos felt as if this third chance at life was her last and she tries not to forget that.  Rocky also decided to more risks to live life to the fullest, but refuses to give in to gambling.  She accepts rewards with great thanks, apologizes sincerely and to avoid confrontation or social problems and does not always say what is on her mind.  While she still keeps most of her real feelings bottled up inside to keep the peace, since she is forced into public light due to her new status as a hero, Rocky does unleash her anger no holds barred, making her appear very hot tempered.  It is easy to set her off, to be fair; Rocky carries grudges, is stubborn when it comes to changing her views and does not like to be treated like a child. When she cannot fight anymore, however, she cries in buckets, then wallows in her own self pity, further lowering her self-esteem.

Rocky holds herself in low regard, putting others before herself on almost every occasion.  This is thanks to her personal code that a hero must always put their life on the line for those that could be in danger, and the hero must always be one step ahead of any opposition.  Rocky finds herself to be the worst hero due to her weak emotional walls, relying on others to tell her how well she's doing.  Once she's criticized, she breaks further, buckling under the idea that she will never make everyone safe and happy, as she wishes.  This is only one of her many delusions.

Kaos snaps on several occasions in the future, namely in and before Chemical Chaos, where her family is under attack by the villainous Roben and the Tropican government.  In both instances, she murders others, intentionally disregarding her hero's code to protect.  Rocky is not above revenge, but knows that there is a time and place for it.  She thinks guilt is even stronger than revenge.

History Edit

Rocky was born Roqueta Kaos (a name meaning "chaos rocket" in Kokoumane) on the 5th of Nenemi in the year 4902. Because she was born with a deadly disease, known to kill infants and affect children in rarity, with no known medicinal cure, the Lifu tree in her home had offered to give her power in exchange for a slightly extended lifespan. Her parents, Johnek and Cairoule, took the offer to aid their first child, and within hours their daughter began to breathe. This gift had come with a hefty price; while Rocky would now hold to power to manipulate the ground around her and even support other plant life, she would wilt in a matter of years. The longest recorded wilting process that had ever lasted was 10 years, but the Kaos family, now expecting another child, refused to watch their very ill first born suffer that long. Immediately, they sought help. Dr. Crackus and Project Endoskeleton. While help was on the way, at age 5 Rocky attended public school for a year. Going to the Grapelina and Tropicana Border School, she had met three key friends: Ferina the Ferret, Eve the Robin and Decoda the Guinea Pig. Each of these students would grow to care for the helpless sick girl with an aspiring dream to become a superhero, and protected her for the entirety of her stay. Sadly, this would be the last time they would see her until she was well again.Hospitalized after numerous absences and days of being bedridden, Rocky's wilting had kicked into full gear. Tori, born three years earlier, attempted to restore her sister with her own extraordinary power, but unless it was surgical, it wouldn't last long enough to keep her eyes open.

That was until Dr. Solomon H. Lockardson, a Gadgetrian man of science who had successfully created the first robotic endoskeleton to sustain the life of a plant, came to assist the dying girl. He persuaded her parents to use her in his next most revolutionary project, as she was a young enough age and her unused schooling fund could help pay for it. With the family backing this decision, Rocky was flown up to space in a cryochamber and worked on for a solid year and a half. This marked the production of Project Endoskeleton. By the time she was 10, the Project was completed, surpassing her time with the help of her new mechanical innards. Her skeleton would grow stronger with age, as a normal child would with bones, but did not replace the bone. Instead, a thick Tropican Steel coating wrapped around every muscle, bone and important organ in the body, all linking back to her heart and brain. This surgery also replaced her blood with oily substances and extra Chemical Chaos (something most inhabitants of Tropic are born with due to the planet's own unique radiation, but extra doses can be added to increase the amount; Rocky was born with very little, but the Lifu tree did add on to the amount). Rocky was also able to keep her Geokinesis, as there was no real way to remove such a power. Soon after the final tests were completed, Rocky was broadcasted all over the news, worldwide, and returned to her home in Tropicana, Cornucopia.

Residential Gray Areas Edit

Due to her increased strength and other abilities, the Cornucopian Presidency under Alkemus Han had wanted to train her to become a super weapon of sorts. Thinking this would help her be one step closer to her dream, Rocky signed on with her parents and sister by her side. This intensive training would last the next 2-3 years, but the government would pay for benefits and housing for that time to ease the pain. In time, Rocky had become numb to the training, desperately wanting to get to the more beneficial crime fighting, but her wish would be granted once she turned 12.

Kannibal's Kapture - The First Rescue Mission Edit

Rocky’s first mission was to rescue her old friend Eve and several others who had been kidnapped by Kannibal, a globally-hated super villain who eats whoever he captures.  Worried for her friend, the robot girl and her sister teamed up with Decoda the Guinea Pig and a small troupe of soldiers and invaded the hideout.  While Kannibal himself had escaped with only one other follower, the Tropican Sisters had rescued every captive (including Eve) with minor injuries.  This was the first time the Kaos sisters had reached international news and became popular for almost ridding the world of a common public enemy.

The Chemical Chaos Raid Edit

Rocky reveled in this newfound pride and offered her services to the rest of the planet, making the Cornucopian Government look better on a political standing. When Rocky was 13, a mass break in occuredd at one of the Lockardson Laboratories, the threat stole all the Chemical Chaos mined up for the rest of the year and murdered all of the scientists. The second break in Rocky and Tori were prepared for, however, and attempted to stop the monsters causing havoc. While they were too late to save the scientists, they did save the second lab's Chemicals. Rocky's friend Decoda's father was among the losses. This was also the first time Rocky had met Kane the Komodo Dragon and Roben the Artificial Monster while she was awake. Upon describing them to authorities, Rocky and Tori helped to conclude that these two were under order of Dr. Lockardson, now known as the mind-cracking Dr. Cranium Crackus. While the planet's nations pondered why their favorite scientist did such a thing to his own labs, Rocky began to worry about her new body and what more it might contain. Tori, during this time, did her best to comfort her sister, and kept her mind at bay with new missions to conquer.

Teaching an Old Dragon New Tricks Edit

At the age of 14, Rocky met Kane once more and after thrashing him thoroughly, he began a personal journey to discover himself. Before he left, he went to the Kaos family and sought redemption, offering lifetime loyalty for helping him prove his old life was taking him nowhere and inspiring him to become a better individual. While Tori refused to help him, Rocky sympathetically believed his words and quickly gave him something to work with. This would be the first time he obtains any clothes, and marks the friendship between the two.  After Rocky and Tori (reluctantly) helped train him as their first official understudy, he left for a journey around the world to find out where he truly belonged.

A Blast from the Past and Into the Future Edit

Before her 15th birthday, professional superheroine Rocky the Robot - as she was playfully nicknamed by the media - was met with a different kind of challenge, when a young Pyrokinetic hedgehog appeared before her on a warm summertime morning. After helping him escape capture and retreating back to their home, Wrathias Kaos revealed himself before his future mother, seeking assistance from the future. Shocked by the sudden request to prevent a war from occurring, Rocky accepted the child’s call for help. After getting up to speed with Wrath and Kane, who cut his journey around the world short to help his friends, Rocky and her sister quickly created a plan to stop Crackus and his cronies from causing the war in Wrath’s time.

The four gather up help from all over Cornucopia, gaining alliances and forging friendships along the way. Upon realizing that Roben and Image were the real cause of the war, the group lead by the sisters stands up to fight the duo.  Roben just barely escapes his demise, reporting back to his master to stay low for a while, leaving Image to the die in the battle.  However, because the sympathy of the Tropican Sisters is greater than most would believe, they refuse to kill Image, to which he offers his partnership with them and explains that he has a much greater evil to defeat elsewhere in the universe.

The story ends with Wrath and Kane’s departure for the future, but with a better outcome than it was before.  In the new timeline, Wrath’s mother survives the fight, Ikari's presence in the war vanishes, and Image is no longer Roben’s slave.  However, because Roben has gained the ability to predict Wrath because of his existence in the past, he escapes his doom and returns to Tropic’s surface to recover.  The war still took place, but there are far less casualties and than there was previously. 

The Genesis of the Geneforce Edit

Genesis, Juliet and Emily were tracking down a deadly duo of demon pawns, when they found traces of them from a planet called Tropic.  Upon interrupting a massive battle between the castle-constructing Rocky and one of the rogue pawns, Genesis jumps in to finish the job and rescue the Orchid Kingdom.  Princess Lizzy greets the heroes with plenty of hospitality, but Rocky is very stand-offish and aggressive towards the wind mage.

The two begin a strong rivalry, beginning a dual that results in a very destructive tie.  When both of them concede defeat, everyone takes the night off in the castle, where Lizzy begins to make friends.  Rocky patrols the grounds for safety, all while mulling over her scattered emotions about what had been going on recently in her life.  She then witnesses the suspicious behaviors of Genesis and watches him try to find the other demon pawn he knows is still out there.  The two finally get to rest and give up their chases, but only to start arguing again the next day.

Rocky challenges Genesis’ actions once more, only to be struck down by the demon pawn the wind mage was looking for the night before.  When he and the robot girl fail to keep the dark flames at bay, Juliet protects Emily and Lizzy from harm.  Putting aside their differences and releasing their true power, Rocky helps Genesis deliver the final blow to to the pawn and rids it of the world.  While still rivals, the two gain a lot more respect for one another; Lizzy hopes to see them all again soon, but Rocky thinks it would be too soon for her to see the green hedgehog at all.

Another Dose of Chaos Edit

Mother Rocky appears briefly in Wrath's second adventure where he attempts to reunite the family by rescuing his father after turning the tides on the war. Tori's two daughters, Arianna and Jade, help him on this journey.

Princesses and Politics Edit

Now as an upstanding public figure, Rocky must congregate with the Anootian, Iciaurian and Kokugen representatives in order to make sure that peace is forever among them.  With the Treaty of the Worlds in great question, Princess Luna, Blastion and Xanthos make it a point to address how well Tropic is doing with its people and behaviors.  After understanding that they needed heroes of sorts to keep things under control, Luna questioned how society was ever going to respect the Tropican Sisters if they kept fighting their battles for them.Rocky then invited the representatives to witness her and her sister in action, hoping to prove to them (and to herself) that she was capable of carrying the world on her shoulders.  As if on command, a new mission had been issued out to the girls to take care of a naval embargo, stopping all Phoenixian ships from carrying precious Chemical Chaos to the rest of the world.  While Xanthos and Blastion felt like the needed to help, Luna stopped them, wanting to see exactly how two kids managed to protect the planet on a daily basis.  As the Sisters preformed well enough, nature started to go haywire; the waves were too strong for the pirates initiating the embargo and sunk their ships, while the Chemical Carriers returned to their docks.

Had it not been for Luna, Xanthos and Blastion, Rocky and Tori would have drowned in the ocean, but even as they soared back to the mainland on their airship, they felt the wind come on a little too strong for typical stormy weather.  With Tori on the homeland security defenses, Rocky felt that this was the fault of Genesis, who wanted to challenge her once more with his wind magic.  After informing her people about what happened in the Orchid Kingdom, the three figures decided to take her side, now believing that she had the skills to back up her claims.  When Lunas communication system on her ship also informed her that the other worlds were going nuts with nature (Iciaura was heating up, Kokugen was being flooded by its ice and Anount was freezing over), all of them panicked and jumped on the ignorant bandwagon.

It was then that Genesis had arrived on Tropic, speaking of the terrible earthquakes that plagued his world and wanting help from Rocky.  She then threatened his life if he didnt fix what was going on here, but because he wasnt sure how to do so from this particular place, she waged war with him.  Luna, Blastion and Xanthos attacked the hedgehog at will, forcing Genesis to almost tap into his Ultra stage.  In a fleeting moment, he knocked all of them out, using a shred of his demigod like powers to bring them to X-17, where Lord Chris ruled with an iron fist.

The story ends with the five of them finding the Crisis Generator - the mechanism responsible for all this interplanetary mayhem - disabling it, and then redirecting their rage towards Chris, who lost the battle thanks to the element of surprise.

Name of the Game Edit

Upon finishing Lord Chris off in his Castle (at least for now), Genesis, Rocky, Xanthos, Luna and Blastion are exhausted by the heat of the battle.  Unfortunately, since it was Genesis who had brought them there, his power level is rather low and he cant bring them back home.  After Rocky has a quick panic attack, the group decided to stay together and travel down the road from Chris domain, heading towards the city of Downtown Uptown.

A group of aliens known as the Wondermolds lured them into a safe-looking Inn, but when the time was right, they attacked them while they were vulnerable.  Thankfully, Blastions bounty hunter skills and Xanthos ninja-like senses were able to break them out of the sticky situation, but now they had to resort to sleeping outside.  With Lunas and Rockys skills, they were able to construct a small safe house for them to take refuge in.  It seemed impossible that they were going to make it off this planet alive.  The five then determined that they had to become a single entity, watching out for each other until they found a way out.  However, there was much disagreement with the title of this group.

Genesis then set up a naming system, to which the strongest of the five would be the one to name the group, since they all had various ideas on what they should be called.  After their long deserved and safe rest, the group set up a tournament in the middle of an unused stadium near the city of Asterisk (*).  Despite them trying their best, the four paled in comparison to Genesis demigod like powers and level of experience.  Rocky became furious with the ruling seeing as they had tied before, and rebelled against him yet again by deciding to make fun of his naming choice of “Geneforce" and called the group “the Uniforce".  With the other four being alright with this, they traveled to Uptown Downtown to steal armor and tools to make their appearances match and look like they were part of a unit.

Meanwhile, Chris regained full power and noted that he hadnt seen any of the Genesis’ of the past pull together a collective of four others to help him in this way.  He found it so amusing that he sent out Gearic to track them down and finish the job, but with Genesis refusing to help them in their battle against the robotic panda, they lost the battle and were dragged back to the Castle.  Xanthos found a way to get himself out and regain the help of Genesis, while the clever Luna attempted to break out of their imprisonment.  Blastion fended off Xero pretty well, but Rocky was no match for Chris by herself.  The green hedgehog quickly came to their rescue and temporarily confused Chris with their bickering, giving Xanthos enough time to help the others through the Castle and into a room where he had found a telescope.

After identifying their home worlds, Genesis quickly came to their aid, exclaiming Chris had been distracted and they had very little time to choose one world and make it there safely.  The general consensus chose Tropic, seeing as Luna's ship was there and Rocky could restore peace to her world first, but she wasnt allowed to do so until she conceded to name the group back to Geneforce.  With the agreement finally solidified, Genesis ported all five of them back to the tropical planet, celebrating their escape with a small party and newfound friendship.  The story ends with the Princess, her bounty hunter and her Ailuro all departing the next day, with Genesis and Rocky waving them off before he too leaves the superhero to her work.

Mobian Invasion Edit

Rocky and Tori, threatened by Doctor Cranium Crackus, traveled to Mobius to become stronger.  In search of the Legendary Chaos Emeralds, said to be the most powerful hardened Chemical gems in the Mosaic Galaxy, the sisters have been followed by Crackus, Monica and Roben.

Rocky and Tori split ways after a minor fight, resulting in Rocky and Shadow the Hedgehog nearly being killed by Metal Sonic and Doctor Eggman, and Tori finding the Mobian hero Sonic the Hedgehog.  Eggman had unfortunately captured Shadow in Rockys place, the robot girl running off to go find help suitable enough to save him.  Running into Team Chaotix, Rocky quickly befriended the group of outcasts after they helped push back Roben.  Once she got her strength back, she took the team on a rescue mission, defeating Metal Sonic temporarily in order to get Shadow back.  Now with the Ultimate Life Form safe, Crackus takes this moment to capture Rocky and Eggman, forcing the four to find Tori because she knows this alien more than they do.

While Tori is reluctant to save her sister at first, she realizes that she wouldnt have had the experiences she did without Rocky, and therefore would have not learned about herself in this incredible way.  Tori solidified the rescue mission, taking Sonic, Tails, Amy, the Chaotix and Shadow along for the ride.  The rescue mission was successful, but now the girls had some explaining to do, eventually exposing that they were looking for the Chaos Emeralds and need them to defeat their common enemy.  Garnering support from their new comrades, Rocky decided not to be so stingy with accepting friends as she once was, developing her sense of trust into what could be conceived as love for these helpful aliens.

After gathering all of the Emeralds, the heroes clumsily attempted to destroy Crackus, but failed.  Using the power of the gems for himself, he upgraded his Kokolovorte ("the destroyer) and knocked out Rocky and Tori in the same blast.  Before Crackus could assemble the Kokolovorte to his ship, hoping to destroy the rest of this world so he wouldnt have to worry about it,” the Mobians worked together to stop him.  Monica quickly found herself betraying her father to save Rocky and Tori, not wanting them to die even though she knew that they could eventually cause the destruction of Planet Tropic.  Once the girls were restored to health, they decided to use their Chemical Chaos and engage their Ultra states.

Not wasting any more time, Crackus decided to fuse the Kokolovorte with himself rather than the ship, and initiated his own Neo  stage.  This battle would take much more two super-state girls, requiring the help of the Chaos Emeralds and both SuperSonic and SuperShadow.  This would be the second time Rocky ever used her Metal form, and because the power was much too great for her body to handle, she was an easy target for Crackus.  Rocky presumably died here, falling back down to Mobius as a hunk of useless Tropican Steel.

The story ends with Tori, Sonic and Shadow eliminating Crackus, missing Roben and Monica by mere seconds before they rocketed back to Tropic.  Mourning the death of her sister, Tori stayed with the Mobians for a short time before returning home, herself.  Shadow would later go out searching for Rocky in the event that she was somehow still alive.

Mecha DeathEdit

Nearly destroyed by the insane doctor that rebuilt her, Rocky is rediscovered and rebuilt by theiving feathered accomplices, the Babylon Rogues.

Returned and Redeemed Edit

Rocky fails the journey home, but not without being attacked by aliens who use her body to restore a dark deity.

My Personal Assassin Edit

Ikari the Hedgehog, vengeful for her idol Dr. Cranium Crackus, attempts to kill Rocky with the excuse of saving the planet.  After Rocky returns to Tropic, Ikari sets out to find her exact location using the advanced skills she had accumulated over the past 5 years of intense training.  The Hedgehog locates the tired individual and attempts to disable her with technology, but when Rocky proves to be too powerful to handle, even at her weakest, Ikari fails.

After being rescued by a cat with hidden magical power named Iami, Ikari feels encouraged to try again in the hopes of exacting her revenge with upgraded technology.  She and Iami, who objects to the assasination completely but still follows her around, then make their way to one of the old abandonded laboratories where Crackus' scientists had worked.  After a terrible run in with an unfinished, dangerous prototype AI, Ikari gains plasma powers.  With these new powers, Ikari and Iami return to the mainland to find Rocky.

This time, the battle starts more in Ikari's favor, but as Rocky activates a higher form, Ikari grows weak.  Desperate to win, she begins to absorb energy from Iami, nearly murdering her in the process while Ikari elevates into more powerful state.  The battle aftewards ends again, with Ikari the loser and Rocky arrests her.  Iami is arrested as well, despite her lack of participation, for being an accomplice.  It is then that Rocky gets an upgrade from her friends so that this problem does not occur again. 

Other Appearances Edit

Tournament of a Lifetime!

Rocky took part in the battle Roleplay on Old Geneforce , going up against Speedster the Hedgehog.  She had immediately activated her Mecha state (otherwise known as Metal Rocky or Neo Rocky) from the start and fought against World Speedster in the battle.  According to her dialogue, Rocky seemed very malicious, threatening and afterwards, quiet.  Her no longer existent Red Knife weapon and Chaos Canon were her means of attack during the battle, and she was known to fly/hover throughout the entire battle.  While she was powerful, she did get hit from several attacks until the Referee called for a draw immediately after Rocky used her ending blast.  She warped out of the "arena" after calling the fight a "good game".  This warping ability was nixed as well.

Knight In Shining StoneEdit

Introduced on page 3 of the Sonic and Galactic Knights Webcomic from 2008-09, Rocky appeared to help her son and Princess Lizzy fight off a Demon.  Rocky uses her Green Blade, a weapon that had since been nixed, to fight against the clone of the Demon, slicing into its head before being blown back by a powerful attack.  Rocky deems it is too strong to deal with in her current state.

Medals and Nerves Made of Tropican SteelEdit

In this 2012 AU, Rocky partakes in the Olympic Games, based off of the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games series.  In this universe, Rocky and Tori were selected to represent Planet Tropic as an atheletic unit like Earth, but only Rocky was able to go first.  While this incarnation of the robot girl is much less intelligent, serious and powerful than her original, she makes more enemies, friends and rivals than she does in actual canon.  Major differences in this almost-fully scripted comic of over 100 pages include the lack of a definitive love interest, the lack of a super form, a greater emphasis on Rocky losing nearly everything she tries, and a much more adorably foreign Rocky (through use of her native tongue, not knowing or understanding many Earth traditions or sports, etc.).  Before the most current form of Rocky existed, this alternate version was heavily considered to be the canon in terms of personality and background, but was dropped because it wouldn't make sense for her to behave in this silly manner on Tropic.

Relationships Edit

Aside from familial connections, Rocky knows very few members of the Geneforce.

Family Edit

Tori Kaos

Tori is the one person Rocky had been closest with all her life.  Despite the fighting every so often about everything, the two are generally good natured towards one another and do care about each other.  Being only 3 years apart, Rocky and Tori are close sisters, and often talk to each other about anything and everything, ranging from personal issues, to family problems, to friends and relationships.  Because of this closeness, they have worked hard and maintained the standard of superhero teams for over 6 years.

Tori had attempted to help Rocky in her darkest hour as a child, worried for her life.  After the operation, Tori followed Rocky's dream to become a superhero, but because of this, Rocky grew much more protective of her.  The robot heavily influences Tori (and vice versa) from there on, by means of training, being much more heroic and noble and putting others lives before her own.  Tori also became more social, respectful and helpful towards others, and Rocky learns to stand up for herself, act a little tougher as well as enhance her social skills.

After the return from Mobius, however, Tori confronts Rocky about continuing hero work, due to the amount of unwanted pain and peril they put themselves through.  While Rocky stubbornly refuses to leave, Tori turns away from the occupation, only to be called in as back up.  This leaves Rocky depressed for a short while, having been a team for so long and now, only having herself to rely upon.  This later becomes easier to deal with as time goes on.

Cairoule Kaos

As mother of Rocky, Cairoule was always close to her eldest daughter.  Leaving her in charge most of the time and teaching independence to the girl at a young age, those lessons had the girl afraid of others, including finding a lifelong companion.  Later on, Cairoule's heavy mistrust of anyone outside of the family strikes anger in the young woman's heart, especially when she tries to introduce her first boyfriend to her parents.  It it speculated that Cairoule is somewhat racist, a rarity in the 4th Millenium Tropican era; this is backed by her heritage, being that of a Human-exclusive lineage.

Johnek KaosEdit

As father of Rocky, Johnek was unable to be around as much as he wanted to when the girl was young and impressionable.  In their teenage years, after Rocky and Tori have gained their superhero positions, Johnek has forced himself to spend more time with his children in order to be there for them in their most crucial moments.  He is very much respectful and tolerant of his daughters decisions and ideals, encouraging open-mindedness rather than shutting out anything new and different in their lives.  He is, however, still strict about keeping them safe, perfering them to stay home and not risk their lives every day.

Wrathias Kaos

Rocky first meets Wrath in the present, as he comes from the future to prevent a destructive war and bring back his deceased family.  In the beginning, Wrath was not trusted until he confessed he knew information that only the super sisters would know.  It was then that Rocky gullibly believed every word he said and formed a close, friendly relationship with him. After the bulk of Chemical Chaos, Wrath has a very close and healthy relationship with his mother, each of them enjoying one another's company despite the small arguments the two may have.  Wrath was the driving force behind Rocky's decision to stay a hero, as well as searching for her future husband, Shadow.  Without him, she would not have learned to try and take better care of herself, as well as becoming more compassionate and understanding (which greatly helped her when she welcomed the Geneforce into her life). Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow serves as Rockys main love interest in the series.  After many trials of heroics and trust, the two deemed each other to be worth a chance at permanent companionship.  While it was Rocky who made the first move by urging Shadow to become more involved, despite her own introvertedness, it was the hedgehog who pursued her even after she had died and kept his promises in the end.

Friends Edit

Kane the Komodo Dragon Edit

Kane is very much like a brother to Rocky.  The duo are quite interestingly inseparable, mostly thanks to his future relationship with Wrath.  While they both possess very brawny figures and are externally powerful creatures, Kane also serves as the nerdy one Rocky turns to when she doesnt understand complicated concepts and themes.  Their previous roles now reversed, Kane still treats the robot as his leading lady, even if Rocky credits him to be smarter and much more capable than her. 

Ferina the Ferret Edit

Ferina is one of Rockys best childhood friends and most loyal of partners.  Rocky heavily regrets not finding her sooner in her life, but the ferret is grateful they could meet again regardless of the time that had passed in between.  Ferina still stands strongly beside her old best buddy, often supporting her in fights and missions whenever she can.  The spunky rodent and the robot girl remain in close contact, both ready to risk their lives for one another.  They share favorite foods, similar social, political and religious views, as well as memories regarding various fun times during their school days.

Eve the Robin Edit

Eve was always a huge fan of Rockys, finding her cheerfulness uplifting and dreams inspiring when they were kids.  Today, Eve remains a huge fan, especially considering that Rocky was one of the few people that personally rescued her from the Kannibal Kidnapping.  She proudly advertises the heroine and her sister at the restaurant of which she works, and loves to create artwork based on the Sisters' heroics.  Whenever Rocky was called to a network for an interview, she always found it comforting to talk to Eve beforehand, who always had the best advice and the most understanding outlook on the world.  They also share similar personalities, fondness for the arts, adoration for good food and have the same kind of humor.

Decoda the Guinea Pig Edit

Decoda was never without Rocky - at least mentally.  Upon falling in love with her as a child and only becoming more infatuated with her over time, Decoda has made countless hidden references to her in his music and videos, hoping to finally get her attention and win her affections.  However, Rocky only sees him as a brotherly figure, always looking out for her and garnering support for her from all over the world with his amazing talents.  She too, returns the favor, by actively getting him invested in politics and advertising their friendship.  Genuinely, she feels so grateful to have him as a friend who not only aids her financially in some cases, but also cares about her well being, her dreams and her future.

Princess Lizzy  Edit

Meeting her in Chemical Chaos, Rocky was not relatively close with the young Princess, until Lizzy announced her interest in the robot's son.  Protective of Wrath, she tries to keep the two apart for fear of her distracting him from his main mission, but later saw that Lizzy didn't mean any harm.  After hearing about her royal roots and aim to restore her lost kingdom, Rocky decided to help her in the hopes that this special girl would eventually become a great leader.

Luna Matarex Edit

Luna was not someone Rocky would have expected to meet, but upon hearing she had an important meeting to attend, she took it for what it was and tried to be as formal as possible in order to impress the Iciaurian.

The two share a supportive friendship, but that is all that was developed right now.

Xanthos Ailuro Edit

When Xanthos entered the picture as Lunas friend and loyal companion, Rocky thought of their relationship as nothing but political.  However, the idea that two people of different worlds could be so good friends was quite attractive to her, wondering what it was like to establish that kind of connection. Xanthos appear to share similar emotions as Rocky, and the two appear to be very much interested in each others histories.  Thats all for now.

Blastion Brimagh Edit

Blastion was seen as an intimidating figure in Rockys eyes; silent, watchful and withholding the Emission of a flaring fire, Blastion carried a demeanor that made the robot girl mildly frightened to interact with him.

The two havent really interacted, but Rocky does wonder what he is really like on the inside.

Juliet Edit

After meeting Juliet, Rocky deemed that there were people who could tolerate Genesis atypical overconfident persona.  No better person was befitting the job than the calm and collected Juliet, who appeared to carry the same feelings as Rocky on certain situations involving safety.  For the most part, Juliet respected the robot girl, and she was never belittled or embarrassed by Kaos at all.

The two hold a common trait, and that is being the older sister in their families.

Emily Edit

Because Rocky understands the younger sister-older sister relationship rather well thanks to her own, she feels strongly about protecting Emily and keeping her safe.  While the two havent directly interacted often, they both respect one another, at least on a formal level. Edit

Rivals Edit

Genesis of the Wind Edit

Upon their initial meeting, shortly after Wrath had left the present, Genesis came to Planet Tropic with a mission to stop demon pawns.  When he saw Rocky struggling to fight them off, he jumped in to rescue her and Princess Lizzy, who seemed a lot more happy about his appearance than the robot hero was.  Things were off to a bad start when he challenged her to a duel, but they both ended the battle in an exhausting tie.  Rocky was still very frustrated with the arrogant hedgehog, as he was of her flat-out disdain for him being there when he was only trying to help. Even after clearing most of her suspicions of him after another demon's destruction, the two parted ways as friendly rivals.  The next time they would meet, Rocky would take nearly everything she said that was good about him back, for she believed he was the reason for destroying part of her world.  Again, after proving his innocence on the matter and redirecting her anger towards the real villain, she still heavily questioned him, which he did not like.  By the end of that adventure, however, Rocky remains skeptical of Genesis, but has become more friendly towards him - especially after he showed his support for her when she became upset with her current situation. While she does not agree with everything he says or does, her trust in Genesis has been restored and her acceptance of him as the group leader has improved.  She still believes he is far too cocky and free for his own good.


Dr. Cranium Crackus


Roben the Artificial MonsterEdit

Dr. Ivo Robotnik Edit

Ikari the Hedgehog Edit


  • Rocky shares the same initials as her creator does; "RK".
  • Despite "Rocky the Robot" being one of the most overused names for robot characters, the name has never been altered in the development of the character.  The only thing that had been done about this predicament was to give her a "real name," Roqueta Kaos.
  • Rocky's Tropican ethnicities include Human and Koko; the bird traits come from her father's side of the family, as her great grandparents were Koko.
    • Rocky is 85% Human, 15% Koko, roughly.  Her major Koko genotypes include aggressiveness, stubbornness and curiosity, while her phenotypes include height, fluffy/feathery (once green) hair and large beak-like nose.
    • Rocky’s pinkish/red skin color comes naturally from Tropican Humans, and her hair color as a baby was green, likely from her Koko side.
    • Rocky also has weak knees, which is part of an unfortunate disease that some Koko carry as a result of mixing the birds with non-backwards-kneed creatures.  This was helped somewhat during the surgery, but Rocky, Tori and their father still don’t have the best set of joints available.
  • Rocky has the intelligence of an Elementary school child, though her experience on the job helps her to gain intel from a more realistic point of view.
    • She also has been trained by government hired professionals in the fields of Geokinesis and various Tropican martial arts.  For a short time, she was also invested in sword/blade wielding techniques.
  • Rocky's story in the Geneforce Universe largely revolves around her rookie/newbie status among others and how she eventually grows out of it.  She learns to accept herself and others as they are, balances her conservativeness with plenty of risks and becomes aware of the figurative "gray areas" in everyone (including herself).  Rocky's character is about growing up and coming to terms with reality, but still being allowed to dream and have fun when the time is right.