A team is a group or collective of 2 or more individuals who work together for a set period of time or for several in/consecutive times.  They usually have a team names, nicknames for one another and are typically bound by friendship, romance or business (concerning money, treasure/valuables or sharing a common goal).

Some characters will be part of more than one team, while others will refuse to join any teams.  A character makes a partnership with a team if they meet with the leader(s) of the group and agree to the terms and conditions that the team chooses to uphold.  Contracts, written or unwritten, may or may not be featured.  Some teams are also harder to join than others, due to the exclusivity of the group, but in other cases, partnerships are flimsy and allow their members to come and go whenever they want.

Some teams also have a headquarters or HQ to retreat to, but others may not be able to maintain such a location (ex: Chris has his Castle, but Geneforce does not yet have an HQ).

Teams may or may not additionally use group attacks or special moves during battles to overcome challenging obstacles.  Ocassionally, the team might need to power up before fusing bodies, combining vehicles or weapons, or superpowers that may or may not require the use of items or outside forces (ex: the Morphosaries require the effect of a planet's atmospheric content to morph, but when such an outside force is stable, they can change at will).  It is unknown if Geneforce has such an attack.

If you would like a character to join a particular team, speak to an Admin or Mod on the forums about it and we will gladly help you find the right place!

Teams within the Prime Universe
Geneforce - Honorary Geneforce - Chris Co. - UNU - The Morphosaries - X-Cell - MAGIX

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