Uniforce is the team name shared by a collection of characters with heroic backgrounds from various worlds around the Mosaic Galaxy.

Concept and Creation

Uniforce was created in 2015 by the Mods of NewGeneforce in an effort to remain out of Founder Admin Genesis' stories involving the original Geneforce.  The term and an unused uniform were created by Admin RKRobot, but it stuck with the group ever since.


Uniforce was formed after Princess Luna Matarex, Blastion Brimagh, Xanthos Ailuro and Rocky Kaos joined forces during an intense crisis where they needed one another's assistance.

The Uniforce has not had an official outing since creation as of this time.

Mission Statement, Motto and Policies

Uniforce members may not all agree on the same things, but as a whole they practice generally good deeds, and will complete tasks without any particular financial or material gain.  The team relies on partnership, strategy and heroics to succeed against any odds set against them.

So far, there have not been any mottos established.

Team Members

Luna Matarex

Blastion Brimagh

Xanthos Ailuro

Rocky Kaos


  • The only original Geneforce member that did not join Uniforce after the split in teams, was Genesis himself.
  • Both Uniforce and Geneforce teams kept the "-force" end of the word.
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