Base State for average WonderMold
Base Information
Planet of Origin Vandermun
Creator Demons
Age of Species 1.6 billion years
Current Population 670,000 currently
Abilities Shapeshifting
Characteristics Feminine bodies, gray-blue in color, golden yellow eyes, light blue tentacles underneath ears
Known Characters Unknown
The WonderMold is an humanoid alien race consistent of blob-like creatures that have the natural ability to shapeshift.

Concept and Creation

The WonderMold was originally an idea created in 2013 for an alien race that could morph their bodies entirely, change color, voice and was typically powerless.

The WonderMold was meant to be a one-time alien race specifically created for The Morphosary Saga, in order to give the morphing main cast of the series something new to rival. While this remains, the species is still a prominent force in the Universe, and not reserved to the Mosaic Cloud.


It is said that the WonderMold were created by Demons to confuse their enemies and cause trouble. Naturally, the WonderMold are a mischevious race of creatures.


The WonderMold are very naughty in behavoir, acting as "devils" to their Demonic creators. However, it is not uncommon for some to be good in nature, working for Gods, rather than Demons. Rebellion and war within this species is also quite common.

These beings are an "all-female" race. This basically means their base form is always going to look like a nude female without visible genitalia. This is purposely designed by Demons to manipulate their enemies, but because they can shapeshiftt, the WonderMolds do not care about physical or social representation in their group. If they want to be male, they can with little to no effort. If they want to be both, they can do this, as well.

Powers and Abilities

The WonderMold can shapeshiftt freely. Its entire body is able to shift into anything it encounters.

The faster the change, the more powerful the WonderMold is. Some can shift at the speed of light.


  • Dr. Cranium Crackus likely based his first artificial life form, Roben, off of the WonderMold.
    • Likewise, Roben can shape shift any part of his body at will, can liquify himself, and holds a similar color scheme to the base state of the WonderMold race. The only major differences are the lack of ears, visible feet, and the inability to change his colors and gelatinous body to disguise himself as anything.
  • Because they are based on provocative and deceitful demons, naming conventions for WonderMold are often Biblical latin names, which may be slightly twisted to sound more space-related.
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