Wrathias "Wrath" Kaos
Wrathias "Wrath" Kaos is a hero who uses his metal and fire to save the past and future.
Vital statistics
Title Wrathias "Wrath" Kaos
Race Long Eared Hedgehog Tropican
Birthday 13th of Yubeak, 4914
Gender Male
Age 13 (year 4927)
Height 3'2"
Weight 80 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Geneforce (honorary)
Occupation Unknown
Team Team Tropic (with Kane and Lizzy)
Partner Kane the Komodo Dragon
Base of Operations House of Tropic
Personal Status
Relatives Rocky Kaos (mother)

Tori Kaos (aunt) Shadow (father) Johnek Kaos (grandfather) Cairoule Kaos (grandmother) Roqueta Ikari Kaos (future daughter)

Relationship Married to Kane (at 31)
Education Secondary (1 year of public schooling)
Primary Pyrokinesis (defective Geokinesis)
Secondary Internal Robotic Enhancements
Passive Martial Arts
First Appearance
Storyline Chemical Chaos (2006)
Roleplay S.S. Cruise (2008)
Son of Rocky Kaos and Shadow the Hedgehog , Wrath is a Pyrokinetic superhero from the future of Planet Tropic . Wrath primarily uses time travel and universe-hopping to accomplish his more dangerous missions.

Concept and Creation

Wrath was created in mid 2006 by Rocky K. during the summer, potentially the reason for his fire powers. Created alongside Kane the Komodo Dragon , Wrath was not intended to be the son of Rocky Kaos at first. His design also differed slightly, but his character and personality, much like his mother's, was redefined at the start of 2011.

Wrath began as a dark and depressing individual with absolutely no genetic connection to his current birthgiver, Roqueta Kaos.  He used fire, but was much more reliant on long distance weaponry (guns and other projectiles) and thus, lacking in confidence of his physical and mental abilities.  He also was conceptualized to have a generic "my family is dead and I hate everyone because of it" backstory, making his overall demeanor ridiculously sad and at times, whiny.

In the current era, Wrath is no more an emotional little twerp.  Upon gaining parentage from Rocky and her Mobian husband Shadow (of the Sonic series, AU'ed for obvious reasons), Wrath gained an extroverted personality and thrived as such.  The huge jump in character was crucial to the end of his story, and without it, there would be no end.






  • Wrath has gone through several design changes to get to where he is now, despite them being minor or simply color swaps.  He hasn't changed again since his finalization in 2011.

    Wrath (2006) to Wrath (2011)

  • Wrath's voice cracks and squeaks every so often because of his youthful age and him hitting an early puberty.
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