Wrathias "Wrath" Kaos
Wrathias "Wrath" Kaos is a hero who uses his metal and fire to save the past and future.
Vital statistics
Title Wrathias "Wrath" Kaos
Race Long Eared Hedgehog Tropican
Birthday 13th of Yubeak, 4914
Gender Male
Age 13 (year 4927)
Height 3'2"
Weight 80 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Geneforce (honorary)
Occupation Unknown
Team Team Tropic (with Kane and Lizzy)
Partner Kane the Komodo Dragon
Base of Operations House of Tropic
Personal Status
Relatives Rocky Kaos (mother)

Tori Kaos (aunt) Shadow (father) Johnek Kaos (grandfather) Cairoule Kaos (grandmother) Roqueta Ikari Kaos (future daughter)

Relationship Married to Kane (at 31)
Education Secondary (1 year of public schooling)
Primary Pyrokinesis (defective Geokinesis)
Secondary Internal Robotic Enhancements
Passive Martial Arts
First Appearance
Storyline Chemical Chaos (2006)
Roleplay S.S. Cruise (2008)
Son of Rocky Kaos and Shadow the Hedgehog , Wrath is a Pyrokinetic superhero from the future of Planet Tropic . Wrath primarily uses time travel and universe hopping to accomplish his more dangerous missions.

Concept and Creation Edit

Wrath was created in mid 2006 by Rocky K. during the summer, potentially the reason for his fire powers. Created alongside Kane the Komodo Dragon , Wrath was not intended to be the son of Rocky Kaos at first. His design also differed slightly, but his character and personality, much like his mother's, was redefined at the start of 2011.

Wrath began as a dark and depressing individual with absolutely no genetic connection to his current birthgiver, Roqueta Kaos.  He used fire, but was much more reliant on long distance weaponry (guns and other projectiles) and thus, lacking in confidence of his physical and mental abilities.  He also was conceptualized to have a generic "my family is dead and I hate everyone because of it" backstory, making his overall demeanor ridiculously sad and at times, whiny.

In the current era, Wrath is no more an emotional little twerp.  Upon gaining parentage from Rocky and her Mobian husband Shadow (of the Sonic series, AU'ed for obvious reasons), Wrath gained an extroverted personality and thrived as such.  The huge jump in character was cruicial to the end of his story, and without it, there would be no end.

Personality Edit

Wrath is a very friendly and open child with a love for helping and exploring.  Like any "Mama's Boy" archetype, however, he is overprotective of those who he calls "family", including whoever he wants to; this ranges from his biological relatives to adopting ex-criminals and Alternate Universe bretheren into the mix.  Because of his incredibly mixed genes, Wrath is indiscriminatory towards everyone he meets, and usually the first to point out similar features between himself and others.  He likes to believe everyone shares common goals, and also naievely assumes everyone can become morallistically "good".  While he is innocent in near every sense of the word, Wrath can sometimes be incredibly negative and self-doubting, worrying to the point of paranoia.  Regardless, he does nothing to prevent this mood swing in his very teenager-esque time, and is just as impulsive and conceited as before.  Thanks to his title as the Ultimate Life Form (that which he earns in his 12th year of existence), he adores the idea of being famous and will do nearly anything to keep his reputation and title, unless this endangers his "family".  If he fears things, he will fear it to the highest degree until he can conquer such fears, even to the point of running away screaming.  Another pair of flaws he'll carry is a quick temper and jealousy, demanding to be the center of attention by whoever he feels is neglecting him (this is likely to do with his being a famous child).  Otherwise, Wrath is generally good natured and sweet, almost always toting positivity, but does have his bratty and childish tendencies.

Wrath's favorite things larely surround being with others and enjoying himself.  He loves crunchy things, particularly Popped Corn (or Jahk Konne, literally "jumping corn" in Kokoumane), and fluffy things.  He hates loud noises and anything too wet.  He also has a fondness for spoiling others and himself by buying them expensive things or exploiting his celebritiness.

History Edit

Wrath was born on the 13th of Yubeak in the year 4927 on Planet Tropic.  Because of his mother's very particular body, he was not born a typical human way.  With the help of Wollett, Ferina, Venom, Raven and Kane, Rocky underwent several tests before being cut open and having Wrath removed entirely.  Due to his mechanical endoskeleton mutating inside the womb, the skeleton spread externally and all over his body, causing him to be born without fur.  Even though this meant that he was more indestructable than Rocky because of this extra layer of metal barricading his precious organs and bone, he was still quite vulnerable.  He was also born a Geokinetic.

Vast amounts of testing allowed Wollett to come up with a special system that could turn his Geokinetics into fire.  Every time Wrath would use a Geo attack, it would explode inside his body, but redirect the explosion to a custom "flint and steel" machine in nearly every outlet of his metal body (fingers, feet, mouth, etc).  This allowed for Wrath to still use a special power, but it would hurt the more he used it.  This conflict was bypassed when his father came up with a genius secondary function that would deflect the pain if he wore a sensor suit that would grow with the skeleton - this suit became his literal "fur suit" that he currently wears.  The special gloves and shoes helped cover what was missed for the suit, and prevents Wrath from being in constant pain when he uses his powers.

Wrath obtained all of this by the time he was five years old.  Because of all this science and careful customization.  Wrath had little to no time to be home-schooled, trained or prepared for what would come later on in his life, and did not learn to talk until he was four.  

You're Tearing This Family Apart! Edit

At the age of 6, Wrath discovered a dark secret kept by both of his parents.  According to the law of the United Federation and Koko Army, the two of them had signed a Treaty at marriage that would force the two to give any children to up in order to prevent a global scale war over custody of the child.  While Rocky could only have one child due to the limitations of her biological system, she still did not do anything to prevent having Wrath.  Once the Koko Army had found out, the family was stripped from its home, locking away Rocky in a maximum security prison, shipping Shadow back to the G.U.N., and nearly murdering Wrath in the process.

Had it not been for Kane, finding the injured child still breathing, Wrath would be dead.

Mama's Comin' Home Edit

At age 10, Rocky finally returns home to Wrath, but not in a way one would expect.

Ikari the Hedgehog, at this point in time, Planetary Ambassador and Chief of International Science and Scientific Warfare, encourages the war between planets, arguing that taking control of Mobius would be an advantage.

Chemical Chaos Edit

At age 13, Wrath attempts going back in time for the first time.

Chemical Chaos II Edit

With the war altered in the favor of the Kaos family and the rest of the planet, Wrath returns to the future to find that within the same year, Roben's ugly head returns to start another series of problems.

The Chaos Stone Edit

After being formally recognized as a superhero by the government of Cornucopia, Wrath's first job requires him to watch a new discovery in the making: the great reveal of fossilized Chemical Chaos in the form of a gemstone.

Education for Obliteration (of Crime) Edit

With the last mission a huge success, Wrath is ready for more, but is cut off by the demand for a year's worth of education under his resume.

Interdimensional Conflict Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Wrath both has natural abilities and artifical ones.

Natural Talents and Honed SkillsEdit

  • Due to the Chemical Chaos coarsing through his body, Wrath has access to a great amount of power whenever he wants.  This power reserve can unlock a super state he likes to call "Metal/Mecha Wrath," which annihilates his fur suit and ignites his entire body on fire, making him hotter than lava, if touched.
  • Wrath was taught various physical fighting techniques growing up, using those to fight when his powers cannot do any good.
  • Wrath was also taught Aishee and Konoko Ball in his youth, two Tropican sports that involve balls and legs.  This makes his legs stronger than his arms.
  • Wrath loves to dance and practices it whenever he hears music he enjoys.  He tries to work on his accuracy and builds up his rhythm.

Mechanical AdvantagesEdit

  • After birth, Wrath had to be mechanically altered to stay alive and be given a literal fur suit to cover his exposed metal body.  This upgraded mechanism also forces his Geokinesis into a Pyrokinetic outlet, so that he produces fire rather than controls the ground around him.  Several of his moves include:
    • Flame Bullet: Several small bursts of fire can shoot from almost any part of Wrath's body at a rapid rate.
    • Firecracker: Wrath crushes his own fire with a closed fist, then throws the embers to the ground to create a loud snapping sound to startle others or a burst of light to temporarily blind opponents.
    • Fireball: Larger than Bullets, but more one at a time than several at once.
    • Pyro Prominence: A lengthy stream of wisping fire comes out Wrath's hands like ribbons, and can be twisted and contorted to act as such.  This temporary whip-like attack can last longer if the heat is not as intense.
    • Pyro Punch/Kick: A simple or complex combo of punches and kicks with the added possibility of a burn.
    • Flamethrower: Wrath's saliva is oily, and so a single spit contains enough oily chemical to act as a quick stream of flames if he holds a lit fire close to his face.
    • Burnout: Using his built-in rockets, Wrath can scorch the ground (and in some cases, melt it) beneath him.
  • Wrath has physical telephones in his ears, along with radio hardware, cybernet connectivity access ports and internal playback systems that can be accessed through his brain.  His memory is also twice as strong as a normal mortal, but can still be damaged.
  • Wrath has rockets in his feet and hands, and can use them to hover or fly.
  • Wrath has retractable sharp fingers that can cut through steel.
  • Wrath's senses (particularly sight, sound and touch) are heightened, but are also sensitive.


  • Wrath cannot swim, let alone step into liquid for longer than 3 minutes.  If his head is submersed in liquid for longer than 1 minute, he will immediately drown/stop working.
  • Wrath can melt himself to death if he reaches temperatures that of a star, which is significantly hotter than magma or lava.
  • Wrath can easily be electrocuted, but can also redirect or absorb lightning if he is prepared.
  • Wrath is very easily emotionally manipulated and can be influenced by the slightest of moods.
  • Wrath can be de-furred; taking off his protective fur covering gives him less time in liquid, as well as more vulnerability when fighting, using his feet-rockets, and using his Pyrokinesis.
  • Wrath can lock himself into a position and be momentarily paralyzed due to his own carelessness while mechanically manipulating himself.  The most common instances of this are in his ankles, wrists, ears, eyes and spines.  Once locked, he must unjam himself quickly or this leaves him vulnerable to incoming liquid or invasive attacks.
  • Wrath is young and thus can tire easily.
  • Wrath cannot rust, but he can become oily or greasy, which can make things difficult when trying to be careful or still.



Rocky Kaos - Wrath's mother in all incarnations and the reason he is robotic.

Shadow the Hedgehog - Wrath's father in the main incarnation and the one who gave him his name.

Kane the Komodo Dragon - Wrath's best friend and future husband.

Tori Kaos - Wrath's loving aunt.

Zane the Hedgehog - Wrath's crazy uncle.

Arianna Kaos - Wrath's little cousin.

Jade Kaos - Wrath's even-littler cousin.

Roqueta Ikari Kaos - Wrath's future daughter.  Regardless of not being able to directly express his love and adoration for his only child, as he is only a bodiless spirit during most of her early life, Wrath cares greatly for Roq and wants her to be happy.

Uwriyel Hurricane and Ira Elias - Wrath's self-proclaimed "brothers of another universe".


Ferina the Ferret -

Venom the Cobra -

Wollett the Owl -

Raven the Crow -

Lizzy the Squirrel Monkey -

Felicia the Fox -

Fanny the Fox -

Allyssa the Hedgehog -

Tazmin the Hedgehog -

Wreed the Seedrian -

Polly Tunia the Seedrian -

The Morphosaries - 


Decoda the Guinea Pig -


Roben -

Ikari the Hedgehog -

Doctor Fiznargle and Arfnozzle -

Dark Ferneru -


  • Wrath has gone through several design changes to get to where he is now, despite them being minor or simply color swaps.  He hasn't changed again since his finalization in 2011.

    Wrath (2006) to Wrath (2011)

  • Wrath's voice cracks and squeaks every so often because of his youthful age and him hitting an early puberty.